Good Day (Single)

by Tweli G

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晴れでも雨でも、曇りでも良い。だって今日はGOOD DAY!ケニア出身のラッパー、Tweli Gが贈るLife Love Song!見たことない愛が待ってるから… Its gonna be a good day!


Sunny or rainy
曇りでも良い (or even cloudy)
水のようなflowing melody (like a water flowing melody)
皆にゆってるthat there be no more worry (Im telling everybody)
because I know that its gonna be a
Good day
A good day
A good day
so good day yea-e-yeah!

問題がいっぱいあっても (even when i got many problems)
終わりが見えなくなっても (when the end is not in sight)
心配せず (I don't worry)
全て任せる (I leave it all to you)
きみがいるからこそ UH! (and because you are there)
人生は大丈夫 (Life is going to alright)
きみが導いてる道歩きたい (I want to follow your path)
間違いそうだったら (so when I start to fall to the side)
Put me back in line (Put me back in line)
きみを一番にしたい (I want to put you first)
なぜか人生の目的神の愛 (because Gods love is the purpose of life)
これは事実、本当だよ (I know this is true, for real)
信じられなかったら Listen to the flow (If you cant believe then just listen to the flow)
それで絶対分かってくれ (and you will definitely understand)
こんなに高い代価を払ってくれている (what a great price God paid for us)
神様が空から落ちてきた (Coming down from the sky)
So you and me (So you and me)
一緒に (together)
Can be free, and have life forever (Can be free, and have life forever)


意味がない人生過ごしてるなら (If you are living a meaningless life)
何となく気持ちもバラバラ (and you just feel all over the place)
心がからである必要はないから (Your heart doesn't have to be empty)
僕たちから聞きたいから Holla (He wants to hear from us so Holla)
神の手が開いてる (His arms are open)
見た事ないの愛が待ってる (Love like you've never seen before is waiting for you)
だから笑顔見せてよ (so show me that smile)
希望なくさずに未来の想像 (no losing hope as we imagine our great future)


Its gon be a good day ay
so everybody say



released September 14, 2012
Instrumental by Tweli G Kaigwa
Vocals by Tweli G Kaigwa
Lyrics by Tweli G Kaigwa and Manaho Muraoka



all rights reserved


Tweli G 大阪市, Japan

Born to the late Major Kaigwa (R.I.P) and Bella Kaigwa and Brother to the Great Mark Kaigwa grew up in Garden Estate (Gardo for Life!). Was introduced to music by his brother and grew attached to making it, continuing through high school and on the way forming HIVE STUDIOS with the help of his great family: Willie, Bg, Wajee, Kunyiha, Kagume among others. This is when the journey began... ... more

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